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Tailoring Influencer Campaigns to drive results

Trust is a rare commodity. Influencer marketing can assist you build trust with customers. Reach out to our team to assist you in strategising campaigns, searching for the right influencers, managing negotiations, managing contracts, tracking content, benchmarking and reporting

Campaign Ideation

Know you want to use influencer but have no idea where to start? We’ll assist in setting objectives and planning campaigns to achieve specific marketing and business goals

Influencer Research & Analysis

There is no point working with an influencer that doesn’t speak to your target customer or that doesn’t have the analytics to achieve your goal. We help to manually analyse creators that suit your objectives

Negotiation, Briefs and Contracts

Building a trusting relationship with influencers is imperative. We help you negotiate fairly, ensure all agreements are in place between all parties and brief clearly so there is no room for error

2-step content review process

As this is a symbiotic relationship, we always ensure our creators submit content to the client for approval before it goes live. This allows the client a chance to ensure they are happy and for us to remind client that the creator’s voice remains authentic

Campaign tracking and monitoring

We build a timeline with you for the posting schedule and we monitor each release to ensure all runs to schedule. This way you can sit back and trust that all is being taken care of

Detailed Reporting and Analysis

How do you know if the campaign was successful or not? Trust our team to put together a detailed report outlining the goals of the campaign, targets, the actual results, a blow by blow on each piece of content and a brief analysis on their performance compared to other campaigns


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