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Online Video Specialist Services

YouTube Specialist Services

Some brands are looking to build a community on YouTube while others just want to capitalise on the power of the search engine to assist customers in their journey. Regardless of what you are looking for our team are on standby to assist with strategy, upload and optimisation, copyright management, thumbnails and SEO, distribution or paid ads


Strategic Video Consulting

As all platforms prioritise more and more video, we are the team you can come to in order to assist in developing and/or executing online video strategies to improve performance. This can be on a project basis or ongoing.

YouTube Channel Management & Consulting

If you want to grow your presence on YouTube, we are on standby to assist whether it is a once-off consult or retainer. We are YouTube certified and our services include powerful brand positioning, increased brand equity, optomised SEO and strategy for success. We also have a CMS to assist with copyright management.

Integrated Data Reporting

We only make decisions through data. Have you ever struggled to take reports from many companies and make sense of what’s working and what is not? Our data team can assist you in setting up and analysing data of your various platforms to assist you in making decisions.

Media Management

One of the most underrated administrative tasks that takes far too much time is media management. We can assist in managing your inbound media to quality control for upload

Paid Media Advertising

Based on your business’ objectives, we select the correct paid media advertising tools with the use of google ads and analytics to create and monitor adverts that will gain more reach, build brand awareness and drive sales. Facebook and Instagram ads are included in our expertise.

YouTube Consulting

Not looking for a long term engagement? Our team of YouTube-certified experts can tailor a project to suit your needs. This could be a channel analysis and deep dive, a once-off strategy, a channel revamp, training, playbooks and more.

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With so many ‘digital agencies’ out there, we have to base success on the results of our work. Browse through some of these if you want to be sure that we are results oriented.

EcoTraining: YouTube channel growth

We took our client from 524 subscribers in 2018 to 40,589 in 2021 without paid media, just a YouTube-focused video release strategy tailored to their goal of growing an owned audience. YouTube is now their biggest online platform.

Caesarstone: Reaching screens

Our client wanted to increase awareness of their brand - using a combination of paid media and organic release strategy we took their total views from 2,754,043 (2018) to 3,671,868 (2019). That’s a 69.94% increase in a year!

Sea Harvest: The power of tailored campaigns

Big paid media budget doesn’t always ensure results. Our client ran a YouTube campaign for R120,000 to anyone and everyone. The results were 43 earned views, 0 new subscribers and an 18.4% view rate.

After consulting with us we tailored a segmented campaign with bespoke assets for the targeted audiences. Our campaign had a budget of R12,500 and earned them 423 views, 23 new subscribers and a view rate of 28.86%. This is the power of a targeted audience specific campaign strategy.



These are the people who have trusted us with their YouTube and online video needs.